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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Let me bathe in your spiritual nakedness

Let me bathe in your spiritual nakedness
Immerse me in your bareness
Export me to places exclusive of fakeness
And stress...
(Don’t flex, this poem is not about sex)
For it is the nakedness of your spirit that I want to intertwine
Don’t build any walls in order to hide
But in utmost pride
Provide an insight to your darkness and light
Incite a dawning of substantial profundities
Like the unearthing of the sun subsequent of the night
I want to delight in your divinities
I want to take flight without the joining of our entities
For your body may fascinate me
But your spirit and your soul are what will captivate me
So captivate me with your bareness
And let me bathe in your spiritual nakedness

Sarah Kenyi © 2010

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